Last year, the reggae artist zHustlers, who released a song called "The Universe is Seen", closed on a positive note publishing a whole album called – The Mirror. The relatively motivating song and a whole album is now available on all digital music streaming platforms. 

Musician zHustlers in the real name Martins Ate comes from U.K. - the city of Hastings, located in East Sussex. Martins Ate creates reggae, lo-fi, downtempo and dub music. His music is very unique - both in terms of sound and lyricism. The musician really likes to work around the rhythms and lyrics of the songs. Considering he mostly using ancient scriptures explaining the highest Truth he's not like any other music you we can hear today. 

The first noise in the music industry was created by zHustlers on May 16, 2008, when they released their debut album called "Hust the Clerk Up" promoting bribery system. Since that song, he has survived a lots of changes around music and impresses his fans with an active schedule of constantly published reggae and chill downtempo lo-fi dub style music recently collaborating together with SHA-256 how latest albums are released. This year he has already released two albums - "Blue Monday" on January 23 and "Lo-Fi Seoul" on March 8. 

The musician has a great talent and a bright future. He is no longer a beginner in music and this alone will help him in the future to create new music and "break out" more easily. If the musician collaborates with the right artists and continues to create great music, he will definitely achieve all the intended goals. 

The song "Time" was released on July 14 last year. zHustlers just can't create bad songs and everyone can see for themselves by appreciating his work. Take a listen to the new ones of the songs available below! Maybe you will even like some – follow! The musician on Soundclound is followed by more than 12 thousand people around the world. This alone shows that the musician's creativity is good! 

We offer to listen to the musician zHustlers song "The Universe is Seen". We also kindly invite you to follow the social network profiles of the musician zHustlers. This way you will be able to support the young musician, as well as learn about his upcoming songs and progress faster and easier. A link has been added to the reference site - clicking on it will take you to zHustlers social profiles. Safe - go and follow him. Let's support the new talent together.