Artist and singer in one person from Morocco - Fatima Ezzahra - has returned with a real hip-hop compositions in a new album called "Wandering Wind " It was released on June 8 this year and is now available on her music streaming channels like Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloundand others. Lyrics are, as always, deep, this time from The Light of Asia, or The Great Renunciation (Mahâbhinishkramana), book by Sir Edwin Arnold.

Musician Fatima Ezzahra is a 23-year-old young female from Morocco. She has been creating music now for many years and this is her fourth solo album. Relatively recently, she also released her very charming third solo album consisting of piano and her voice in a smooth jazzy songs filled with a knowledge of ancient wisdom - Thirukkural parts - gathered together in a chill-out philosophical album "Desire But Duty" is what everyone needs to hear.

As the lyrics for the "Wandering Wind" are written in the book of “The Light Of Asia” – a form of a narrative poem - describing the life and time of Prince Gautama Buddha, who, after attaining enlightenment, became the Buddha, The Awakened One, as we all know him today, parts of songs are in a hip-hop style. The songs presents his life, character, and philosophy in a series of verses. It is a free adaptation of the Lalitavistara.

A purpose of this album is to introduce listeners about a very little known outside of Asia - Buddha and Buddhism. Fatima’s songs are one of the first successful efforts to popularize Buddhism for a Western listeners implementing Eduard Arnold’s poetry into songs. It is worthy to mention that after receiving the poem from theosophists, Mahatma Gandhi was awed and his subsequent introduction to Madame Blavatsky and her Key to Theosophy inspired him to study his own religion.

Fatima Ezzahra stands out mainly for her harmonious and melodic performance. Her compositions have a soul and sometimes a reggae touch. Nevertheless, she is still one of the world’s top singers. This is also what she proves in this album, because "Wandering Wind" is a album with a again something revolutionary new - songs with sharp hip-hop rhymes and smooth touches in refrains.

The musician's best-known compositions are "The Voices ofthe Wandering Wind" and "Who Flung Me Flowers", which are played on both Radio and Radio The musician also shares a song with the Latvian singer Grafomāns. It is known that the first music video for this album is coming soon, as well as Fatima already is working on her next project.

The song was made in the studio of the reggae artist zHustlers by a content creator and producer Martins Ate. He has also created visual effects for this song. You can learn more about Fatima Ezzahra's work by looking at her compositions online on her website – It must be said that real UK hip-hop and lo-fi fans will like this album a lot.

We offer to listen to Fatima Ezzahra’s album “Wandering Wind".