Have you ever wondered and repented on the fact that that if you want you cannot invest into real estate of another country? And this is especially when you are fully aware that you could be making tremendous amounts of profit just by buying a property in your favorite land, holding it for a while or at-least until the prices rise, and then either putting it out for rent or selling it to make profit.

Real estate investments are a real thing. And, in fact, the most traditional way of making money for many investors has been to purchase real estate (especially properties that are extremely valuable) and then sell them off whenever their prices go up. But cross-border real estate investment thus far has been close to impossible. And this is the exact problem that we are trying to solve here. We attempt to create a platform where people can easily invest in cross-border real estate and improve their portfolios.

We are a crowd source real estate investing who believes in staying true to the tenet of blockchain and decentralized finance – of being fair, genuine, honest, and extremely accessible to our users. We truly believe that DeFi (Decentralized finance) is the future. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain help in establishing the perfect system of payments – one in which we must not rely on third parties for payments. In fact, this has been the objective of cryptocurrencies and the whole space around decentralized finance – to truly create a system that is not governed by corruptible humans but by smart contracts.

And it is these smart contracts that are at the base of everything in the space of DeFi. While they have been suspected of being quite prone to attacks from all corners of the world, we are quite certain that there are being constantly improved and worked upon so that all their vulnerabilities are solved and completely dealt away with. Join BolloInvest.com today!