RentRedi is the next generation in property management software. It is easy to use, affordable and provides landlords with the latest in technology tailored specifically to their needs. It is a low-cost option for landlords who are looking for a modern and efficient solution to manage all their property needs from start to finish.

The rental market is booming, with more people renting out their properties than ever before. This has led to software providers, who are now well-established and established, to offer software to help landlords manage their properties. However, these software providers are not the cheapest. A recent survey found that the average cost for a landlord to manage their property with spreadsheets or overpriced software is £1,594 per year. RentRedi is a software provider that provides landlords with a cost-effective and modern platform that is able to manage their properties. 

Building a property portfolio is a serious commitment. It requires hours of work and a lot of money. It's not easy, but it is rewarding to reap the benefits of such a hard effort. However, today's property managers often have to use complicated software that can cost thousands of dollars, and it's not easy for them to collaborate with their contractors and tenants. This is where RentRedi, a property management software that is easy to use and costs a fraction of other software on the market, comes in. 

Our tenant software motivates on-time rental payments.

New: RentRedi landlords can now offer credit boosting to tenants! When a tenant chooses to report on-time rent payments to TransUnion, they can boost their credit by as much as 26 points.

 7 in 10 renters are more likely to make on-time rental payments

 67% of renters said they would choose the apartment with rent payment reporting



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