Payments are a pain - they're slow, costly, and complicated. And yet they're something every business must do. Don't let your small business be a victim of the current payment system. Melio is a fast, reliable, and cost-effective payment solution for small businesses. With Melio, you have the flexibility to choose how to pay your vendors, suppliers. Melio makes payments easy, secure, and convenient.

Pay by bank transfer or your credit card even if your vendors only accept checks. Melio gives you the flexibility to pay vendors, suppliers exactly the way you want. They'll get a check or a bank transfer and don't even need to sign up for a new account. With Melio, you can spend less time on paperwork, spend less time on payments, and even spend less time on managing your vendor accounts.


πŸ—ž️ Our story

When we started Melio, we wanted to totally reinvent the way businesses pay each other. More than an efficient accounts payable tool, we've created a digital B2B payment platform that not only saves time but also improves cash flow. With Melio, you choose exactly how you pay and get paid, and stay on top of invoices for good. Every transaction is simple and seamless. We're proud to help our growing community of businesses spend more time with their customers—and less time with their books.



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