Let's face it, today's businesses are increasingly relying on digital to help them grow and perform. Thanks to advances in technology and connectivity, more and more employees are working remotely, and the need for a collaborative, real-time workspace is greater than ever. Moxo is the next step in digital workplace solutions. We're a cloud-based, virtual meeting platform that brings simplicity, security, and efficiency to the digital workplace. Moxo is a modern workplace platform that includes document collaboration, video conferencing, and digital signature. We offer sleek and modern, yet customizable modern user experiences that are tailored to the delivery of assisted, high-value business services.


Drive operational efficiency

Moxo Flow
Configure external project workflows that accelerate your business. Define roles and assign actions for customers, vendors, partners and internal stakeholders.

Flow Actions
Add file requests, eSignatures, approvals, acknowledgements, to-do's, third-party objects and more into your interaction workflows.

Flow Builder
Use Moxo's drag and drop builder to map your business processes with role based user actions.

Flow Template Library
Save your frequently used Flows into your template library, so you or a team member can reuse them easily.

Magic Links
Automatically email links to flow actions when it's someone's turn to act. No logins required.

Moxo Forms
Create custom digital forms, collect data, and automate processes with Moxo's form builder.


Moxo is a collaboration platform that provides companies with the tools they need to streamline their internal and external projects and deliver high-value business services. Part of the Moxo team is the Moxo Digital Signature module. It is built on the Microsoft Azure platform and it is fully customizable. Moxo is designed for the modern business user and for businesses that need to produce highly-customized interactions for their clients.

Moxo Cloud Platform is a comprehensive platform with features and benefits that are tailored to the unique needs of the assisted, high-value business services market. It was built to provide a one-stop shop for all of a business's digital interactions and to seamlessly integrate with other Moxo services. Moxo has always been committed to finding ways to simplify and streamline the process of delivering high-value business services. Our newest product, Moxo Connect, is a membership-based platform that makes it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to connect and collaborate with customers, partners, and employees. You can only imagine the value this provides for a customer's business if they can easily connect with other customer service representatives.


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