The business of ecommerce is changing. Start-ups, small businesses, and more recently, large corporations are all trying to find ways to be competitive in a crowded and competitive market. The big brands are fighting for a piece of the space and oftentimes, it's the small players that are taking the lead.

Square is a leader in point of sale, secure credit card processing, employee management, and omnichannel solutions for online retailers. With easy-to-use software, Square makes it easier for small businesses to compete with the big guys. In addition to the software, Square offers point of sale solutions for businesses of any size. These solutions include everything from credit card readers to cash registers to loyalty programs. Customers can shop online or over the phone and make appointments and manage staff. Square is committed to helping small businesses make money in the digital age.

Square is a full-service payments and point of sale solutions provider that provides software. Square is well-known among the entrepreneurs and small business owners who sell on the web, but it's not just for ecommerce. Square is a versatile platform that can be used in multiple ways, including with other software providers.

Square makes selling simple and accessible to everyone through its software solutions, including Square Register, a point of sale solution that streamlines the entire point of sale process, Square Point of Sale, which enables sellers to run their business securely and manage their staff easily. Square helps sellers across all industries, including restaurants, retailers, manufacturing, and the arts.



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