In a collaborative world, employers and employees need to constantly stay in communication. In order to keep up with the fast-paced world, your company needs a solution that keeps up with your workflow. is a new software that helps companies plan, schedule, and manage their workforce in a collaborative way. These features allow employees to manage their work time with precision and ease. Ultimately, Soon is a software that helps employees be as productive as possible. 

As a service-based business, we know the importance of staying connected to our workforce. That's why we created Soon. is a collaborative software that helps your team schedule shifts, manage leave requests, and communicate. It's easy to use, with a modern design, and is free for both you and your team. It's a software that helps companies manage their employees and their schedules to ensure that they have a consistent and reliable workforce. It's a product that is designed to streamline daily tasks and simplify the process of managing employees on a single platform.

Schedule without spreadsheets
Soon brings you a new approach to shift scheduling. We group shifts together in event cards. These help you find the best match between your employees and shifts. On top of that, they let your team communicate about things related to their shifts.

🔸Customize your schedule

🔸Improve employee experience

🔸Get a better overview

🔸Schedule faster


Your window into your team's daily activities
Get a clear visual overview of who's doing what, and what's coming up next. Make sure your team aligns their activities. Focus on the right things to do so team members aren't over- or underworked. Soon workload gives you all this in one view.

🔹Manage daily activities together

🔹Distribute work across the team

🔹Handle workload peaks without stress

🔹Get real-time metrics on your operations



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