The Brazilian state-owned electric power company, Eletrobras, has initiated a huge investment plan in order to increase the company's engagement in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. The company's plans, which were announced, imply a 3 billion US dollar investment in order to increase the company's electricity capacity by 36% by 2024. The investment is designed to boost production and also increase the power available for the nation.

Brazil's state-owned power giant Eletrobras is investing heavily on renewable energy to generate electricity and avoid future blackouts. The company has a plan to invest $200 billion on renewables by 2034 in order to slash the country's dependence on imported fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Not only does Eletrobras have the largest hydroelectric plant in the world, the company has one of the largest thermal hydroelectric plants in the world too. Eletrobras is also the second-largest wind power producer in the world and is the second-largest company in Brazil in terms of installed power generation capacity. The company is one of the largest generators of nuclear energy in Brazil and has the largest solar energy plant in Latin America. Eletrobras also distributes electricity across Brazil and exports it to other countries, including the United States.

We are leaders in the generation and transmission of electricity in the country and we have contributed to make the Brazilian energy matrix one of the cleanest and most renewable in the world. 

Largest company in the electrical sector in Latin America, we are a publicly traded company.  We adopt strategies aimed at governance and compliance, operational excellence, financial discipline, sustainable performance and valuing people and, through our companies, we are present in all regions of Brazil.



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