Real estate investing can be a profitable endeavor and require a lot of time and effort. Real Estate investors are constantly searching for their next deal. 

Real Estate investing can be exciting. It can also be overwhelming. Real estate investors need a variety of tools to help them find the right property and make sound decisions. One of the most important tools is a software tool. The right software can help you analyze properties, walk through the property, estimate the costs of repairs, and generate a custom plan. This software is perfect for real estate investors to find the right property in seconds.

Most real estate investors know that the key to finding a successful property is to conduct thorough research, analyze the property's condition, and create a customized plan of action. The problem is that many investors can't afford the time to conduct these tasks manually. That's where Realeflow comes in.

All you need to do is enter the property details, such as square footage, age, and the property address, plus any additional information you want the software to include such as a photo of the property and a price range. Once you have entered all this information, the software will complete the rest.

Generate Leads
Gain instant access to discounted property leads in your local area (with the push of a button) before most people know they exist. Within seconds - Realeflow's real estate investor software gives you the names, addresses, and contact information for just about every motivated seller in your area at your fingertips.


Analyze The Deal
Run a quick desktop property analysis on any property you come across and know, in minutes, if there's money to be made (or not). Simply type in the address of a property to automatically determine your projected profits, your maximum allowable offer (MAO), and what your exit strategy should be.



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